To Kill a Mockingbird Summary Chapter 27

Harper Lee’s, To Kill a Mockingbird: Summary of Chapter 27

Bob Ewell lands a job at the WPA, which is a depression job program. He loses the job a few days after he works on it and blames Atticus for the event. This happens in the mid October. At same time, Judge Taylor hears someone inside the house. He lives alone and knows it is someone prowling the house yard. He goes out to investigate and notices his screen door already open. He sees a shadow going fast away from where he is standing.

Helen Robinson starts working with Mr. Link Deas. He offers the job to help the family. He also feels badly about what happen to Tom. Helen needs to find another route, which is about a mile away in going to work just to avoid passing to the Ewell family’s place. The Ewell’s insult her every time she passes at their place. Bob Ewell, not contented with what happened, begins to follow Helen to her work and whispers bad remarks to her although he keeps his distance from her. Mr. Link soon finds out about Bob’s behavior, goes to his place, and demands that he leaves Helen alone. The following day, Bob follows Helen again and Mr. Link threatens to ask the police to arrest him if his behavior continues. Although Bob stops from making trouble with Helen, Aunt Alexandra fears Bob’s behavior demonstrate his grudge to the people involve in Tom’s case.

Halloween is approaching and Scout learns she needs to join the school pageant. The pageant has an agricultural theme and she gets to play the “pork” part. The town is sponsoring the party as well as the play. Scout’s costume is a large wire meshed ham hock. The costume is a combination of chicken wires and brown cloth. Atticus and Aunt Alexandra cannot attend the festivities because they are too tired of the day’s events that Jem takes Scout to the play.