To Kill a Mockingbird Summary Chapter 14

Jem and Scout become the town’s object for staring and whispering people as the trial of the black man Tom Robinson moves on and their father Atticus is his legal defense representative. Scout attempts to find the meaning of rape by asking her father. This leads to Atticus knowing that the children are attending Calpurnia’s church services. Aunt Alexandria restricted Scout from attending any colored services from Calpurnia’s church and convinces her brother to terminate the services of Calpurnia and then send her home as they no longer require her services. However, Atticus tactfully refuses her demands.

On that night, Jem warns her sister not to provoke Aunt Alexandria. Scout does not feel please with the warning and considers it as a lecture that she begins to attack her brother. Atticus intervenes, breaks the fight, and sends them to their bedroom to sleep. Scout steps on something that feels like a snake under her bed. She becomes frantic and calls Jem to look at it. They find Dill. He looks dirty, starving, and quiet thin but still acting his old good self.

Dill runs away from home and comes to them for shelter. His parents do not care for him and do not give him enough attention that he always finds himself left alone at home though they spend the nights sleeping at the same house. His parents are not interested about his thoughts and his feelings that he decided to leave and take the train from Meridian to the junction of Maycomb. He rides free on the cotton wagon’s back and then decide to walk the remaining distance until he reaches the Finch’ house.

Jem tells Atticus about Dill’s surprise appearance. Atticus orders Scout to offer some food to Dill before he goes to inform Miss Rachel, Dill’s Aunt. Miss Rachel house is just right next door. Dill accepts the food, eats, and then climbs to Jem’s bed to sleep but decide to go to Scount’s bed to talk things for a little bit.

This was a summary of To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter 14; there are 31 chapters in Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.